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Saturday, 27 June, 2015
52nd Annual ISNA Convention in Chicago (Chicago)  - Community / Local News & Views /Politics We invite you to join us at the 52nd Annual ISNA Convention in Rosemont, Illinois. ISNA Annual Convention is a four-day family program with a full variety of activities. This year's theme is Stories of Resilience: Strengthening the American Muslim Narrati...
Wednesday, 05 November, 2014
Muslim Matrimonial Website endorsed by scholars (Chicago)  - Community / Local News & Views /Politics EternalGarment is the very first Muslim Matrimonial Website catered to Singles (never-married) and Previously Married Muslims (Divorced, Widowed, Annulled, Reverted, etc). Muslim Matrimonial Website endorsed by scholars; Open to ALL Muslims, Muslim single...
Tuesday, 22 July, 2014
ICNA Midwest Convention, Peoria, IL (Chicago)  - Community / Local News & Views /Politics This year ICNA would like to present facts about: What does it mean to have faith in God, The Creator of all that exists? How is it expressed in everyday life? How does faith make us better human beings? Then when we have faith in The Creator how do...
Monday, 14 July, 2014
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Tuesday, 08 July, 2014
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Thursday, 05 June, 2014
vfhllxknqdkgswwyskurvmvbbwtjgrdraeaxcbxabbbcesnf ... (Chicago)  - Community / Daily Deals vfhllxknqdkgswwyskurvmvbbwtjgrdraeaxcbxabbbcesnf
Tuesday, 10 December, 2013
The Largest, Most Diverse and Entertaining Islamic Event (Chicago)  - Community / Local News & Views /Politics MAS-ICNA Convention is one of the largest, most diverse and entertaining Islamic event! This year's convention will feature: Dr. Tariq Ramadan Imam Suhiab Webb Sh. Yusuf Estes Imam Siraj Wahaj Qari Mishary Al-Afasy مشاري العفاسي Ustadh M...
Monday, 11 November, 2013
Banana Republic Coupon 40 percent off Entire Purchase (Chicago)  - Community / Daily Deals Banana Republic Coupon: 40% off Entire Purchase (expires 11/11/2013 11:59pm) 40% off after Coupon Shipping adds $7.00 Enter code: BRSAVE40 Coupon Details: 40% off

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